How to Play With Reyna In Valorant

Valorant is an aggressive Battle Royale game. The more violent you are, the better your chances of winning. Playing with Reyna is no exception. She demands aggression and higher risks if you want to get rewarded.

Playing with Reyna can sometimes get intimidating, especially if you are starting to play Valorant. Ryna can easily make your team lose if you are not precise with your decision and moves.

Hence, here are some tips you should know before playing Reyna in Valorant. Besides, using Valorant cheats can prove an additional helping hand in the game. If you want to learn about how to play with Ryna and the tips you should use, keep reading this article.

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Reyna Abilities

In Valorant, Reyna comes with certain abilities which help players get enemy kills. Below mentioned are the four main skills you will get while playing with Reyna.

Ability 1- Leer (250 Creds)

It comes with an ethereal eye called Equip. The eye has an infinite range using which you can blind enemies. The Equip eye is very dynamic, meaning you can position it at any angle to detect your opponents.

The Leer eye won’t harm your team, which is another great thing about this ability. Moreover, all other abilities of Reyna require you to kill players, but that’s not the case with Leer. Therefore, ensure to use this ability to the fullest.

For example, if you are hiding behind a building and see your enemy standing at a short distance, you can throw the peer. If it aligns with the opponent’s line of sight, he/she will be blinded.

Ability 2- Devour (200 Credits)

After you score a kill, you can use Reyna’s second ability Devour. You get extra armour, kill an Orb and can restore your health. The only thing Reyna understands in the game is getting players killed, and Devour keeps her thirst for blood alive.

There are two options you will get after a kill- Devour and Dismiss. If you have enough armour and your health is full, go for Dismiss. Let’s see what Dismiss is more clearly in the following point.

Signature Ability- Dismiss (200 Creds)

Dismiss can be a blessing in disguise when you direly need to escape from a dangerous situation. If you are super close to your enemy and need to run safely, you can use dismiss.

Dismiss makes you intangible for some time, and you can use that time to hide or flee from the enemy’s reach. Besides, you can use Dismiss to find entry fragments. Finally, you can combine Dismiss with Empress, which is another Reyna ability making both the abilities more powerful.

Empress (6 Points)

Dismiss is the ultimate ability of Reyna. It makes her more bloodthirsty, and she goes on a rampage to kill everyone. Empress combines both Devour and Dismiss and with this deadly combination, you can easily see enemies for some time.

It increases the firing, reload and shooting speed fiercely, and there is the ultimate snowballing tool Reyna comes with. Every time you get a kill, the snowballing tool refreshes, letting you go beyond your capacities to kill the enemies.

Most players wait to keep Empress preserved to use it during some perfect occasion. But you should not make this mistake. Use it whenever you get the opportunity to get your edge over the opponents.

Wrapping Up

The above mentioned are the four primary abilities Reyna comes within Valorant. Valorant lovers trying to play with Reyna have to be quick with their actions. Reyna’s expatriates are extremely beneficial, but they remain only for a short duration. Therefore, be smart and utilise them at the right moment.

If you have any other questions regarding Reyna and how to play with her, let us know in the comments. Stay tuned for more posts!