15 Best Games Like Subnautica

Subnautica is a game that was developed in 2018 by Unknown Worlds Entertainment. It is one of the best survival games out there. It has locked world geography in which your ship crashes. Once it crashes into the alien ocean, your objective becomes to explore the world, repair the ship and attempt to survive.

It is a comparatively unique game that has attracted a lot of gamers. However, there many other games like Subnautica which can be enjoyed to their fullest. Following are the 15 best games that you may try at all times.

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List of 15 Best Games Like Subnautica

  1. Abzu
  2. No Man’s Sky
  3. Minecraft
  4. Starbound
  5. Firewatch
  6. Astroneer
  7. Raft
  8. The forest
  9. Space engineers
  10. The long dark
  11. Stranded Deep
  12. Rust
  13. Escape the Pacific
  14. Satisfactory
  15. 7 Days to Die


This is a game which broadly matches Subnautica in all aspects. It is based in a creative setting. The gamer will experience exploration of beautiful underwater spaces. It has a lost civilization which dates back thousands of years. This game is all about restoration and exploration. You will be swimming along with the sea creatures which clearly is a very exciting feeling. One of the most attractive part of the game is the graphical displays. It has been developed by the creators of the Journey. This game is available on a variety of gaming platforms which include Xbox One, PS4 and PC. If you are fond of survival games which provide a classical arrangement, then you must go for this game.

No Man’s Sky

This is a less structured game with more element of randomness at all spots of the game. It has a more expansive map compare to Subnautica. The gamer has the entire galaxy to approach and explore. There is absolutely no restraint in doing so. From planet to planet, you will be searching for new things and new experiences. It has a very interesting story accompanies with creative and interesting objectives. You can make the most out of this game if you move along the same in your own way. Some planets are abundant with resources while the others do not have much signs of life. It is evidently one of the best survival games that you can enjoy.


Minecraft one of the most successful survival games that all gamers know about. It will be a surprise if the gamers do not know of this masterpiece. It started with a small experiment, but however, it turned out to be a massive success. It is a freeform game in which you can develop any possible structure. Nevertheless, it does not have the same story as Subnautica and is a bit distinct in that respect. If you are tired of submarines and water life in Subnautica, then this can be an exciting try. It will give you more freedom in building things. One of the best things regarding this game is that it can be played across different platforms.


Although this game looks aesthetically very different from Subnautica, the rationale is similar, if not the same. The crafting systems, exploration element and survival sandboxes, there is a lot which you will find identical. However, it has a broader and more expansive story. Essentially, you will be exploring different planets, gather a variety of resources, upgrade the weapons and fight for your survival. Each planet is distinct from the other with different biomes. It has a streamlined and smooth story with very intriguing characters. Given that the story develops on every stage as it moves ahead, it catches the attention of the gamer. Thus, if you are fond of survival games, then this is the right way to go.


This is a game which is similar, yet very different from Subnautica. It is on-rails game which doesn’t get dangerous at any point in time. It has one of the best storytelling elements in the gaming industry. This is what makes it so much interesting. The exploration is not as much as other games mentioned herein, but you would want to enjoy each and every part of the game. It has one thing very common with Subnautica – that it has a very attractive setting. The sense of atmosphere is very attractive which makes you want to play the game. Once you engage yourself in the game, you will totally be lost in the Firewatch world.


As the name suggests for itself, this game is primarily based at exploration of different planets. You will be required to move across seven planets and within the journey, gather different kinds of resources. You will be exploring mountains, caves and other landscapes in search of materials. Once you have filled the inventory, it can be used to craft the materials into tools. However, this game progresses very slowly, but in a very adventurous and exciting manner. There has been a lot of positive reviews in relation to this game and various gamers have recommended it as a must play. This game is available on different gaming platforms which exhaustively include PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


This is another survival game which is just like Subnautica. In this game you will be roaming on your raft finding out resources and venture down into the deep seas to hold some valuable things. There will be a patrolling shark which will make the game more interesting. If you want to progress in the game, you will be required to craft better gear and get larger tanks of oxygen. Although it is a game similar to Subnautica, it is nowhere near as of yet. Since it is still in its early ages, it will take some time to get rid of bugs and other issues. Nevertheless, it is one of the best survival games that you can expect to play.

The forest

Sea monsters in Subnautica can make it a horror game. On a similar note, The Forest is a game which will give you similar feels. However, the dread will be not due to the wild oceans but cannibal mutants who are on the leash to eat your flesh. Your plane crashes and thereafter, you are a lone survivor. In order to stay alive, you will be required to chop trees and scavenge for food. The presence of animals and mutants will be a consistent source of tension. Throughout the game, you will be provided with different tools which can be used to construct the base. There will be different clues which will give you a detailed idea as to how the world is to be explored.

Space engineers

This game was official released in the year 2019. This game can either be played single player or multiplayer. However, if you want to enjoy the most, you must go for multiplayer options. This game is not much about survival but more about exploration. In this game, you will be in the role of a space engineer who will not only gather resources but also build ships, construct bases and do a number of other things. It is much similar to Subnautica and Minecraft. In any case, it is one of the best survival games out there if you are fond of games which are primarily premised on adventure and excitement.

The long dark

This is a relatively harsh game compared to other options. Unlike Subnautica, you will be exploring space and planets. In this game, you will be in the role of a pilot who has survived a crash which occurred during the global disaster. In this game, there are no zombies, no mutants and no enemies. You will simply be fighting against the nature. The environment is ruthless and you will be required to survive such atmosphere at all costs. You will find tools, food and other resources to survive in the best possible manner. It is clearly a very attractive and enticing game which you must play if you are into games which focus on survival.

Stranded Deep

In this game, the player survives a plane crash. In the midst of the Pacific Ocean, you will be required to strive for your survival. There re number of elements in the game which can be fully explored. This includes islands, reefs and trenches within the oceans. The main objective is to collect as much resources as you can and fight for the survival. These resources are then used to create different things which are essential to the survival. The best part of the game is that it provides a very immersive gameplay. It is one of those games which offers the best graphical displays. Thus, if you love Subnautica, then this is a must play for you.


This is an online multiplayer game which again focuses on survival. It was released in the year 2018 and since then, it has made a big name in the gaming industry. In this game, you have to battle against other gamers wherein you have to survive within extreme conditions of hunger, thirst, cold and hotness. It comes with a comprehensive and expansive design which makes the game more interesting to play. It is clearly one of the most challenging games to play when it comes to survival and exploration genres. It is a combination of crafting, combat and teamwork. It is currently available across different platforms such as PC, Xbox One and PS4. You must love this game if you are fond of Subnautica.

Escape the Pacific

As the name suggests for itself, in this game, you are required to escape the Pacific Ocean. It is one of the most beautifully crafted games out there. It essentially emphasizes on exploration and survival. The gamer is required to withstand the daunting weather conditions along with other dangerous and intimidating external circumstances. It has a very detailed gameplay and storyline, which makes it more interesting to play. It is more based on realistic scenarios and situations rather than aliens and zombies. Since its inception, this game has received highly positive reviews. This is testament to the fact that the game is loved by everyone due to the quality of excitement it offers.


This game was released in the year of 2019. It is one of the most enjoyable games out there which is based in a factory. It is a first person and open world game. You are required to play the role of a worker who has the task to build a factory with the limited resources. From the planet, you are required to obtain natural resources and thereafter, craft the factory accordingly. It even engages you into an alien world wherein you will be required to survive foreign attacks. It does not only feature attractive and exciting graphics but a highly engaging gameplay. This game is most enjoyed through multiplayer gaming. One of the major drawbacks of this game is that it can only be played on PC.

7 Days to Die

This game is an ultimate combination of horror, terror, excitement and fun. It is a first-person game based in an open world which is set in a world which has been attacked by zombies. You can either enjoy this game single player or multiplayer. It is available on various platforms including Xbox One, PC and PS4. It features a lot of characters, which although are not realistic, but are highly interesting. There are multiple things that can be done and enjoyed. There are several places which can be explored. The gameplay is very immersive which constantly makes this game highly desirable within the gaming industry at this moment.

The bottom line

Above are some of the major games that you must play if you are fond of Subnautica and other similar survival games. These games are a must try. The best part is that despite of being similar, you will enjoy each and every part of all the games.