Here’s what start-up founders can learn playing sudoku

Exciting sudoku puzzles have been around for a very long time. The game dates back to the 18th-century, when people used to play puzzles to exercise their minds and stay sharp. Sudoku puzzles are great for passing the time, and they can help hone your mental capabilities. Research shows playing sudoku can improve brain function and help maintain your brain health.

The sudoku game looks deceivingly simple with 9X9 squares, and all the squares must be filled using numbers from 1 to 9. But you cannot repeat any numbers horizontally or vertically. Solving the puzzle is an incredible exercise for your mind, and the game even offers various entrepreneurial lessons.

Even though sudoku has nothing to do with trading or selling products, the game shares incredible similarities to probability and mistakes that entrepreneurs can learn. If you’re looking to start a business, you can start with sudoku apk download and then play the game to learn the following lessons. These lessons will make you a great start-up founder.

Learn how to be persistent and patient

The game of sudoku is about being patient and persistent. It might not immediately be clear which number you can place in a specific space, but it is crucial to keep watching and looking for the right opportunity. Similarly, the mindset of persistence is crucial for entrepreneurs who must wait for the right moment to start their business or launch a new market.

Starting a new business is all about experimenting and discovering what fits the best. You might not be an overnight success, but you have to wait patiently to take advantage of the market opportunities.

Taking advantage of outsourcing

Experts of sudoku puzzles recommend searching for online solutions when players are stuck and cannot solve the game. Moreover, other sudoku players are always available to offer valuable tips to help solve the puzzle.

Like sudoku, entrepreneurs need teamwork to solve day-to-day problems and outsource some of the business duties to enhance productivity. Start-up founders can seek business coaches to augment the skills of their employees, which will promote happiness and success. Further, collaborating with others on projects will help to boost business.

Transcends cultural barriers

Sudoku is a highly popular game because it easily translates across various cultures and overcomes barriers. The game is based on numbers instead of words or letters, which means it can be introduced in different markets without any hassle. The language of the country isn’t important, especially if you’re starting an online business.

So, entrepreneurs need to expand beyond their present location and think globally. That’s what playing sudoku can teach them. The game is enjoyed across the globe, and everyone equally understands the puzzle.

Probability doesn’t always mean clarity

Sudoku players are well-aware that the numbers can fit on any square, but it is important to know which number will fit a particular square. For that, players have to implement various strategies and carefully look at the entire puzzle.

Entrepreneurs can learn this lesson and utilize it to make new strategies to enter a new market or launch a new product. They have to know that not every strategy is successful, and they need to keep adapting to stay relevant.

Start-up founders are allowed to take a break

The sudoku game may take a few minutes or hours, depending on the game’s difficulty level and game version. There are timed versions of sudoku that are even more challenging because you need to solve the puzzle before the time runs out or you lose the game.

However, no matter what version of the game you are playing, it is not possible to play one game after another. If you cannot solve a level or have played a few games, you will have to take a short break to relax and refresh your mind. Players must take a break, or they cannot go on solving the puzzle.

Similarly, start-up founders cannot work 24/7 without taking any break. If you’re not taking breaks, you are diminishing your productivity and making your brain work more than it can handle. Usually, entrepreneurs are known to be ambitious, hard-charging people who are unaware of the definition of relaxation. If you’re someone who hardly takes any break, you can play sudoku as a leisurely activity and keep your mind active even when relaxing.

Great problem-solving skills

Sudoku helps to augment cognitive function and even reduce the risk of dementia. Players may even learn to assess various issues and circumstances because of their enhanced brain function.

The technique can be used by start-up founders in their field of expertise or business. Whenever you encounter a problem or business challenges, you can assess them and find the best solution. Furthermore, the same skills can be applied to overcome the hurdles faced in transacting business.

Always keep your brain sharp and alert

Starting a company means becoming a life-long learner. The market is constantly changing and evolving, and you need to adapt to stay relevant. Your business cannot stop evolving with the times. For instance, the current trend is starting online businesses, and many brick-and-mortar stores have also started selling online to take advantage of this huge craze.

Since sudoku is a brain game, it can help keep your mind sharp and engaged. It can help you to always be prepared to change the course of business or adopt new technologies after analyzing and assessing the needs of your business and customers.

The bottom line

Sudoku is not just a game, but it can teach invaluable lessons to entrepreneurs, and it can teach you how to establish business and improve your productivity.