Everything About Doom 3 Locker Codes

The Doom franchise is one of the most popular gaming series out there in the gaming industry of today. It is essentially a science fiction fantasy horror gaming franchise which is basically a first-person shooter video game. It is published by Activision and developed by id Software. Doom 3 is one of the most exciting and interesting games that you can ever play. There are different components within the game to know about, which include Doom 3 locker codes. It is a horror-based game that emphasizes action-packed entries, unlike the previous prequels. The game was released in 2004 setting the gaming industry in a mode of excitement.

The game was initially developed for Windows. However, it was later ported to Linux as well. Further, it was then released on Xbox and Mac OS X. The version of Xbox is very similar to the original version in terms of graphics. Later on, an expansion of this game was released with the name of Doom 3, Resurrection of Evil. This was published by Nerve Software. Most interestingly, a movie on this game was then released.

This game focuses on slow methodology. Previous games in this series were more about run and gun. As soon as the game was released, it got a positive reception. However, the game was also deeply criticized by many as being very simple in terms of gameplay.

The plot of the game is as follows – the game is about the exploration of Mars and transforming the same into a habitable planet. This is to be done by creating Hydrocon and an atmosphere in which people can breathe. However, to the surprise of the protagonist, when the planet was initially constructed, it was revealed that there existed an ancient civilization. The team even discovers ancient artifacts which demonstrate the existence of the civilization.

During the discovery process, the team also comes across tablets that contained technical information and knowledge regarding teleportation technology. The team then changes its objectives to recreate the technology. Such a process is then initiated in Delta labs with the help of Dr. Malcolm. The game is essentially based on this narrative and further builds up in one of the most interesting ways that any person can even think of.

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Doom 3 Locker Codes

Doom 3 has one of the most interesting maps. The setting in which the game is created in remarkable. It provides an extraordinary experience to gamers.

While playing the game, you will come across various storage lockers. To open these lockers, you will need security codes. There are other sealed areas as well that require you to enter security codes to open them.

Some of the codes will lead you towards greater equipment and gear which will just enhance your overall gaming experience. It will enable you to effectively tackle the demons and villains. This article will take you through all the Doom 3 locker codes that you need to be familiar with to get access to the secrets of the game.

Mars City

  • Locker #001 next to elevator: Code – 396
  • Locker #017 in Medical Lab: Code – 347
  • Locker in Weapons Storage Room: Code – 584


  • Locker #013 next to health station: Code – 586
  • Martian Buddy Cabinet: Code – 0508

Mars City Underground

  • Locker #023 in Energy Stabilization Unit: Code – 531
  • Locker next to valve control panel: Code – 842

Alpha Labs

  • Locker #009 in Sector One: Code – 752
  • Locker #038 in Sector Two: Code – 409
  • Locker #039 in Sector Two: Code – 102
  • Locker #047 in Sector Three: Code – 123
  • Locker #048 in Sector Three: Code – 123
  • Locker #049 in Sector Three: Code – 123
  • Locker #064 in Sector Four: Code – 651

Central Communications Tower

  • Locker #054 in Sentry Bot Control: Code – 246

Enpro Plant

  • Locker #063 in Theresa’s office: Code – 972
  • Locker in Plasma Storage: Code – 734

Monorail Facility Transport

  • Locker #054 in Security Office: Code – 142
  • Locker in monorail airlock: Code – 826
  • Locker #078 near gun turret: Code – 364
  • Locker #079 near  gun turret: Code – 364

Waste Recycling Center

  • Locker #003 near the airlock: Code – 483

Delta Labs Level One

  • Locker #21D in Storage Room: Code – 298

Delta Labs Level Two A

  • Locker #112 in Records Office: Code – 538
  • Locker #901 with BFG: Code – 931
  • Locker #116 near Halon control panel: Code – 972
  • Locker #114 in Operations Server Room: Code 715

Delta Labs Level Two B

  • Locker #103 in Maintenance Corridor: Code – 259
  • Locker #216 in Specimen Lab: Code – 624
  • Locker #217 in Specimen Lab: Code – 624
  • Locker #213 at bottom of lift: Code – 371
  • Locker #666 in Analysis Control: Code – 372
  • Locker in Storage Area 07: Code – 725
  • Martian Buddy Cabinet: Code – 0508
  • Locker in final room with arch-vile: Code – 463

Delta Labs Level Three

  • Locker #386 near large teleporter: Code – 836
  • Locker #387 near large teleporter: Code – 836
  • Locker #317 near teleporter control panel: Code – 841

Delta Labs Level Four

  • Locker #104 in Control Room: Code – 579

Processing Distribution Center

  • Locker #452 near security checkpoint: Code – 571
  • Door of Lab A: Code – 627
  • Locker #669 in Lab A: Code – 468

The bottom line

Above are some of the major Doom 3 locker codes that you need to know about. It is essential that you find more lockers since it increases the chances of eliminating the demons and helps you in progressing within the game. Thus, make sure that you are fully familiar with these locker codes in order to take the gaming experience to a whole new level.