How to earn gems in PK XD free

It’s a lot of fun to play PK XD with your friends, and we have all the information you need to know about these codes and how to use them. The game, which was first released on July 12th, 2019, has excellent reviews on app stores and is a mobile game that is compatible with both Android and iOS mobile devices.

Users can design their own homes, make 3D avatars of themselves, and even communicate with other players online. The setting in PK XD is cool, and you may express yourself by using predefined words and phrases, as well as other emotes, gestures, and dances. There are a variety of skins, haircuts, accessories, faces, and behaviours that you can change to make the game even more enjoyable and personal to you.

You can speak with them or express excitement, sadness, and other emotions by using emoticons. Some of these choices must be paid for with in-game money, such as the common in-game cash or the rarest premium currency, gems. You can earn money and gems by participating in a variety of game-related tasks.

To help you have fun without paying money, we’ll show you how to earn gems in PK XD for free in this post.

  • Daily Rewards: To receive the daily reward, all you need to do is log in to the game each day and another one can be PK XD Redeem Code. The reward is already guaranteed when you launch the game and log in, even if you don’t play. You can access the Surprise Box if you have signed in and collected your daily prize for five days in a row. Coins, tickets, and the possibility of discovering jewels can all be found inside.
  • Map exploration: In the PK XD universe, certain Surprise Boxes have been hidden. Discover as much as you can about the game’s setting, the cities, and every nook and cranny because a Surprise Box might be concealed there.

Some boxes must be accessed by jumping higher than usual, such as the pizza shop box (located inside the city’s spaceship), which is buried in a high place. Buy a Power-Up for 20 coins to accomplish that. You will acquire the ability to double leap after you click on the item to use it. Additionally, there will be a fantastic possibility to gain gems in PK XD after you reach the top.

  • Play and complete minigames: Five completed minigames get you a surprise box as a prize. Additionally, the box contains several prizes for you to spend in the game, some of which may even contain gems. In this technique, you can play much more than once and be guaranteed a large number of gems. However, not every box contains gems; in other words, you won’t always be able to use gems you receive from surprise boxes.
  • Collect fruits: You’ll gain access to the Surprise Box after five complete matches and fruit collection. You must be mindful of the minimum number of fruits that must be gathered in this minigame before the timer expires. The fruit collect minigame in PK XD is a fantastic additional way to accumulate gems.
  • Watch Ads: When you spin the roulette, a few advertisements will show. Another method of earning gems in PK XD is through this. A “bonus” button might be present before some awards, such as the daily prizes. Simply click the button to start watching the videos when it appears, which may be 15 or 30 seconds long. This will guarantee that you will find some gems quickly, easily, and best of all, for free. You must see the entire video or at least until the close-the-video option pops up before continuing.
  • Google Play Balance: Within the game, you can exchange the purchased balance for a variety of jewels. You can unlock all the items you want in PK XD with this balance. Be pets, emotes, house furnishings, skins, and more! Users can utilise this approach for free, but it takes more work because there are chores to complete.

Some applications offer specific tasks that can be completed. Additionally, by completing these tasks, points are earned, which may then be gathered and converted into Google Play balance or even PayPal money. You are not at any risk of losing control of your account or being banned from the game because this method is completely proven, legal, and legitimate.


Promo codes are a major element in mobile games, so if you enjoy PK XD, you should use them so you can maximise your enjoyment of the game and obtain free gems and unlocking goodies. These codes are a good technique to help you gain additional configurable features because this game allows for a lot of character customization.