A Comprehensive Guide to Navigating the Salt and Sanctuary Map

Salt and Sanctuary, an immersive 2D action RPG, presents players with a vast and intricate map to explore. Navigating this complex world can be a daunting task, but fear not! This comprehensive guide is here to provide you with detailed insights, tips, and strategies to successfully traverse the Salt and Sanctuary map. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or new to the game, this article will equip you with the knowledge to enhance your exploration experience. From understanding the map’s layout and mechanics to unveiling hidden secrets and optimizing your progression, this guide will empower you to conquer the map and emerge victorious in your quest.

Table of Contents

Understanding the Salt and Sanctuary Map

The Interconnected World: The Salt and Sanctuary map is a non-linear interconnected web of diverse areas, each with its own distinct challenges and treasures. It’s crucial to grasp the fundamentals of the map’s layout and mechanics to navigate effectively.

Identifying Key Areas:

Familiarize yourself with the various regions, such as the Sodden Knight’s beach, the Red Hall of Cages, and the Hager’s Cavern. Understand the unique characteristics, enemies, and obstacles you’ll encounter in each area.

Map Memorization:

Create your own annotated map or refer to existing resources to aid in memorizing the layout. Note the names and connections between different regions, making it easier to navigate and strategize your movements.

Essential Navigation Tips 

Marking Significant Locations:

Take note of important landmarks, bonfires, NPCs, and shortcuts during your exploration. Mentally mark them or use external tools to remember their locations and facilitate backtracking.

Unveiling Hidden Paths:

Salt and Sanctuary is filled with secret paths, concealed walls, and hidden platforms. Stay vigilant and look for suspicious areas, environmental cues, or interactable objects that might reveal hidden routes and valuable rewards.

Unlocking Shortcuts:

Discovering shortcuts is essential for efficient travel and minimizing backtracking. Thorough exploration and careful observation can help you uncover hidden doors, levers, or mechanisms that open up new paths and connect distant areas.

Utilizing Fast Travel:

Unlock and activate fast travel points, such as sanctuaries or NPCs, to easily traverse the map. Once available, fast travel allows you to quickly access different regions, saving time and simplifying exploration.

Reading the Environment:

Pay attention to environmental cues, such as distinct architecture, landscape features, or changes in lighting, as they often provide clues about nearby secrets, hidden areas, or shortcuts.

Trial and Error:

Experiment with interaction buttons, and attack objects, and test different strategies to uncover hidden paths and trigger environmental events. Persistence and curiosity will be rewarded.

Mastering Level Progression

Optimal Leveling Routes:

Plan your character’s progression by identifying areas suitable for leveling up. Research enemy types, difficulty levels, and available resources to determine the best regions for your character build. Prioritize areas with enemies that align with your character’s strengths to gain experience and resources efficiently.

Efficient Farming Spots:

Farming salt (currency) and items are crucial for character growth. Identify areas with high enemy density, lucrative drops, or easily accessible chests to optimize your resource gathering. This will help you upgrade equipment, purchase items, and increase your character’s power.

Recommended Order of Exploration:

Although Salt and Sanctuary offer a non-linear experience, certain areas are better approached in a specific order. Consider the difficulty levels, storyline implications, and availability of important items when deciding which paths to follow. Some bosses and areas may require specific items or abilities to overcome, so plan your progression accordingly.

Co-op and Multiplayer Benefits:

If you find certain areas or bosses challenging, consider utilizing the game’s cooperative multiplayer feature. Inviting friends or seeking assistance from other players can provide valuable support, making tough encounters more manageable and enhancing your exploration experience.

Hidden Areas in the Salt and Sanctuary Map

Pitchwoods Hollow:

Hidden within the Pitchwoods area, there is a secret entrance to Pitchwoods Hollow. Look for a breakable wall near the bottom-right section of the map. Inside, you’ll find a new area with unique enemies, loot, and potentially even a boss encounter.

The Village of Smiles Secret Passage:

In The Village of Smiles, there is a hidden passage that leads to a secret area called The Still Palace. To access it, look for a destructible wall in the lower part of The Village of Smiles, near the area where the Bloodless Prince boss is fought.

The Dome of the Forgotten:

In the Dome of the Forgotten area, there is a hidden entrance that leads to a secret area. To find it, look for a destructible wall in the room with multiple traps. Destroying the wall reveals a path that takes you to The Dome of the Forgotten, a unique location with its own challenges and rewards.

Hager’s Cavern Secret Area:

In Hager’s Cavern, there is a secret area that can be accessed by interacting with a specific lever. Look for a lever near the bottom-right section of the map, close to the area where you encounter the Coveted boss. Activating the lever opens a path to a hidden chamber containing valuable items.

The Red Hall of Cages Hidden Chamber:

In The Red Hall of Cages, there is a hidden chamber that can be accessed by finding and activating a specific switch. Look for a switch hidden behind a destructible wall in the upper section of the map, close to where you encounter the Mad Alchemist boss. Activating the switch reveals a path to the hidden chamber with unique treasures.

The Castle of Storms Secret Passage:

In the Castle of Storms, there is a secret passage that leads to an area called the Hall of Red Cages. Look for a destructible wall near the top-left section of the map, close to the area with platforms and flying enemies. Breaking through the wall grants you access to a hidden part of the castle with its own challenges and rewards.


Navigating the intricate Salt and Sanctuary map requires careful observation, strategic planning, and perseverance. By understanding the map’s layout, utilizing essential navigation tips, and mastering level progression strategies, you can conquer the challenges that lie ahead. Embrace the thrill of discovery, adapt your approach as you explore, and never shy away from experimentation. With this comprehensive guide as your companion, you are well-equipped to navigate the Salt and Sanctuary map and emerge as a triumphant adventurer. May your journey be filled with triumph, discovery, and the satisfaction of unraveling the secrets of this rich and immersive world.