Planning on Buying a Gaming Console? Here are the Best Credit Cards to Buy Your Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5

Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 are the latest additions to the gaming consoles. These 9th gen gaming consoles are incredibly powerful and taking the gaming experience to a whole new level.

Although the choice of purchase between the 2 is a hard one to make, you are going to need a credit card to buy any of these.

Did you know you can get credit card rewards when purchasing a gaming console? You just need to use the best credit card for the transaction.

In this article, we are going to share with you the best credit cards that you can use to buy a gaming console.

So, without further ado, let’s get straight to it and talk about the best credit cards you can use to get PS5 or Xbox Series X

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Best Credit Cards for Buying Xbox Series x or PlayStation 5

Different credit cards offer different kinds of value when it comes to making purchases online.

Although it depends on the kind of credit card that you are using, the rewards would vary between either the cashback or the miles or credit card points.

There are not many credit cards out there that offer cashback. Most of them offer you only the credit card points.

But still, the points can also add up to create massive value for you.

Here are the best options for credit cards that you can use to buy a gaming console

· Citi Rewards

The Citi Rewards Card is quite great for making all kinds of online purchases. This credit card offers its users 4 MPD (Miles Per Dollar) for all online transactions.

These points are not awarded when you are on travel. The value for this is capped at about $1,000 per month.

As long as your purchases stay under this limit, you’d be given the rewards associated with the credit card usage.

If you want more value with your privacy preserved, you can use the Random Credit Card Generator for online authentication purposes.

This credit card generator is great for testing purposes when making online purchases.

· HSBC Revolution

HSBS Revolution is a great choice for buying gaming consoles. The best thing about this credit card is, it offers MPDs on online as well as offline purchases.

You can use this card on many department and retail stores to enjoy the benefits that it has to offer.

So, you can use this card to buy the game online or from the retailers providing these gaming systems. This card offers you bonus points when you make purchases with it from Sony or Microsoft stores.

· OCBC Titanium Rewards

The OCBS Titanium Rewards Card offers 4 MPDs on online or in-store purchases. This credit card is capped at $12,000 of spending each year. So, that is about $1000 per month.

If you want to make big-ticket purchases, we recommend you use this card.

You can get either the blue or the pink versions of this card. You can also get both credit cards to double the benefits that you get with the purchase.

· UOB Visa Signature

UOB Visa Signature credit card is remarkable as it offers contactless payment options. This card is great for in-store purchases. So, if you are planning on visiting the store to buy a gaming console, then this card is your ideal choice.

You can integrate this credit card with your mobile wallet and then you can use the mobile wallet to make the payment for the gaming console.

You can also simply just tap the card to a reader to make the purchase. If you want to earn 4 MPDs, you need to spend not more than $1,000.

· OCBC Frank

If you love to get a little cash back on your online purchases, then OCBC Frank would be your best choice. This card will get you about $25 cashback every month. The 6% cashback on every transaction is the limit for this card.

But you need to spend at least $600 every month to enjoy this benefit. If you spend less than that, you get just about 0.3% cashback.

This credit card works for all kinds of online purchases. You need to read the TOS and understand them first to get a complete idea about the services of this credit card.

· CIMB Platinum Mastercard

The CIMB Platinum Mastercard offers cashback value but for some particular stores. It offers 10% cashback when you make purchases with it on Harvey Norman, Courts, Challenger, and Best Denki.

The value is capped at $20 per calendar month and you need to spend at least $800 with this card to get the specified cashback.

You need to monitor the money that you are spending so that you don’t overdo it with the purchases. Once you reach the defined threshold, you’d be considered eligible for the rewards. CIMB Platinum Mastercard is quite valuable for making in-store purchases for the retailed described above.

· DBS Woman’s World Card

DMS Woman’s World Card gives you 4 MPDs on all kinds of online purchases. Men can apply for this card too and earn the rewards associated with the transactions.

The credit card transactions are capped at $2,000 per month. This card is great for buying a console online because of the value that it has to offer.

Also, almost all online stores and retailers accept payments from this card. So, you won’t have any kind of problems paying for stuff using the DMS Woman’s World Card. We highly recommend this credit card for buying Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5.

Wrapping Up

Buying a high-end gaming console is a huge investment. And if you want to get some cashback or earn some credit card points, you need to use the right credit card that offers you those kinds of rewards.

The credit cards that we have talked about in this article are all recommended for buying Xbox Series X or a PS5.

Use any of these credit cards to maximize your rewards when buying a gaming console.